Monday, February 25, 2013

3,9 (the dominipede is just one BIG lie, conspiracy angle, final plea)

The dominipede is just one big lie, nothing more, nothing less

(Close from the part I narrative perspective - original voice).

The entire concept of the dominipede is based on a simple premise - spreading a lie.  Is it reasonable to hold a foreign or domestic terrorist, someone acting with sinister intent, to a higher standard than others who lie...  Not a good idea when your entire culture seems to thrive on deception, misrepresentation, cheating, lying.  Most people lie because it's an easier way to obtain and maintain power.  Power and lying too often go hand in hand.  And what's weirder, the general public seems to really "get off" on exposing them.  You can sum it up in one word - GOTCHA!  The dominipede is a stiff price to pay for that one "Gotcha" moment.

GOP Rep. to Obama: 'You Lie!' (You lie! Rep. Joe Wilson - SC)
:10 - :19

If you think about it, all of society's just more institutionally ingrained.  Gambling is illegal... unless it's church bingo and casinos, powerball and scratch off tickets.  Drugs are illegal... unless they're sold by Pfizer or Astra Zeneca.  Loan sharking is illegal... unless it's Goldman Sachs or Bank of America.  And the world's oldest profession (prostitution)is illegal... unless "you put a ring on it." (Beyonce)

audio: Neil Young "Needle and the damage done" - Live Rust

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Lance Armstrong - Doper, Liar, Cheater: Did Armstrong's PR Move Backfire?
1:25 - 1:35

Bill Belichick - Spygate (wearing hoodie)

Pete Rose gambling scandal

Mark McGuire - Steroids scandal


audio: Milli Vanilli - Baby, Don't Forget My Number
:55 - 1:04

Beyonce lip sync national anthem

audio - Metallica "Leper Messiah"

Benny Hinn: "Let the bodies hit the floor" - 2 whispers, intro
:04 - :15

Benny Hinn - Let the Bodies hit the floor: Smackdown edition
:59 - 1:06

Benny Hinn - Skywalker (closer)
1:12 - 1:16

Catholic church protecting pedophile priests
Jerry Sandusky morphing into a picture of Pope Ratzinger (with the hat)

audio: The Who - "Won't get fooled again"

The seven dwarves: I believe that nicotine is not addictive
:53 - 1:09

Fraud Bernie Madoff Push by photographer ("don't push me")
:07 - :14

ABC News - Martha Stewart Indicted (This case is about lying, lying to the FBI, lying to the SEC)
1:12 - 1:20

audio: Fleetwood Mac - "Little Lies"

Bill Clinton - I did not have sexual relations with that woman
:17 - :21

John Edwards Admits Affair
:00 - :12

Raw Video: N.Y. Rep Weiner's Anti-GOP Rant ("It is a shame... a shame)
:56 - :59

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Admits Affair
:00 - :05

South Carolina governor's Marc Sanford claimed to be hiking the Appalachian Trail.  A good friend of  mine actually hiked the entire Appalachian trail.  It took him 13 months. (Pic of Ken Dague)

"I'll be back" Arnold Schwarzenegger
:00 - :03

Anthony Weiner, Gary Hart, David Petreaus

In politics & war:
audio: NIN - "Terrible Lie"

Richard Nixon - I'm not a crook
:30 - :31

Telling Lies - Reagan (arms for hostages)
:24 - :35
:16 - :22

George H. W. Bush - Read my lips
:08 - :14 ("Read my Lips.  No New Taxes")

George Bush 16 Words - Sought Significant Quantities of Uranium From Africa
0:00 - :10

Dead Wrong: Colin Powell's UN Speech ("What we're giving you is facts and evidence based on solid intelligence")
1:52 - 1:57

As you can see, the good 'ol USA sure loves it's lies.

I'll leave you with one final thought.  I'm not inclined to speculate on the infamous "who dunnit" question.  But in the case of a dominipede accomplished through a viral blitzkrieg, you'll have the biggest conspiracy the planet has ever seen.  Because everyone would have been in on it and you'll never be able to adequately punish the guilty parties.  The scale and scope of justice would be rendered a futile, worthless concept.  Imagine the notion of trying to file wanton, reckless endangerment charges against individuals who had not only had no malicious intent, but no understanding of what the hell was even going on in the first place.  That's a strong premise for the greatest conspiracy of all time. 

The Shawshank Redemption - The tunnel
:00 - :11 (This is one big conspiracy... and everyone's in on it)

Like I've been saying from the git-go, the only way to solve this problem is to admit that it exists.  I tried to tell my own congressional Representative David McKinley.  He lives about a 1/2 mile from my house.  Even though I mailed it to his home address.  He never got it.  Even though I confronted him and handed him the same literature a second time - still no response.  I just hope he gets this DVD, like everyone else did.  If not, I'll make an extra copy just in case... but I won't be holding my breath... well unless of course, I get caught up in a stampede.

So here's what am I asking of you: As long as there's a 1st amendment.  As long as there's freedom of speech...  Just talk to people about the issues I've raised.  Tell them what I've said.  Tell them about the dominipede.  After all...

"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

3,8 (other examples of an AGS)

Once again, I must reiterate... Is it acceptable for some people to die, in order for there to be change?  Sadly enough, and I hate to admit this, maybe an isolated artificially generated stampede is what must happen for there to be change.  But the dominipede is not an acceptable outcome.

Even after all of this, you might be thinking... Well, I've never seen an artificially generated stampede.  I still need more evidence.  Well, think about this... somewhere an AGS is happening right now... just as you're watching this documentary.  Fear and greed are 2 emotions that will always dominate the financial markets. 

The Great 1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash (panicked wall street traders)
6:28 - 6:41

MGEX - The final minute of trading in the pits, forever (small group of traders)
:25 - :38

CBOT Trading Soybean market pit trading (good phone ring at the beginning)
1:12 - 1:26

I thought soybeans were supposed to be good for you.  Perhaps not the future of soybeans.

Opening Bell at the MGEX Trading Floor (good reaction footage of shushing segueing into the bell)
:50 - :54

Maybe you need something bigger...

The Best Flash Mob Ever in NYC
3:14 - 3:25 (flashlight battle in Central Park)

Good thing those flashlights aren't cell phones.

Will I Am Blackberry commercial - put your cellphones up in the air
1:03 - 1:16

3,7 (parallels to forest fire prevention campaigns)

There are some fascinating, eerie parallels to the "Only you can prevent Forest Fire campaigns" of the 1940's, the longest, currently running public awareness campaign in the history of the United States.  Back in the 40's, I'm sure there were many high level conversations about the catch 22 - "What if by putting this out there, people intentionally start setting fires.  What if the public relations campaign does more harm than good.  What if it backfires on us?"  These same questions will surely surface.  You can learn a lot from the past.

Sidenote - Although ultimately unsuccessful, forest fires were viewed as a weapon by the Japanese in the Oregon Lookout Raids of 1942.  Japanese forces dropped bombs with the alleged intention of spreading wildfires, but the fires were held under control.  This attack was the first and only time the continental US was bombed by an enemy aircraft.... until 9/11.  Just goes to show you that one persons awareness campaign and attempt to educate the public is another persons potential weapon of mass destruction.  Even in the world of asymmetrical warfare, there's still a balance and symmetry.

And one could reasonably argue that the moral questions raised by the issues of forest fires are STILL in play.  Because once there's an official acknowledgment of the problem...

Video uploading difficulty

The K-mans name revealed
"The cat... "rearrhhhh" is outta the bag" (Kramer's name revealed)

3,6 (government repsonse plan to an AGS (general mitigation strategy)

(replace the crown with a "no cell phone" image)

"KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON." - 1939, during World War II - England designed a public relations campaign in an attempt to assuage civilian fears should a German invasion occur.

The second authorities get wind of a "mass bomb threat hoax" - the image could be shown in the corner of a jumbotron.  Once again, I must emphasize... this matter will eventually have to be addressed.  Why not be proactive?  Why sit idly by, waiting helplessly, for a potential 9/11-scale tragedy to unfold.  The choice is yours.  The good news... it costs nothing.  There are no aircraft carriers, no military bases, no weapons.  The problem is solved through knowledge and awareness.  The big choice you have to make...  Do we solve the problem BEFORE... or AFTER?

3,5 (strategies to combat the AGS - general awareness campaign)

It's peculiar that I would suggest greater govt. involvement to solve the AGS/dominpede problem.  More of the catch-22, I suppose.  But that's exactly what I'm calling for.  So here are my suggestions to combat the AGS.  As I've alluded to, it all starts with awareness. 

First, you'll need an all encompassing strategy to deal with the societal problem.  Not every large gathering has a sophisticated and timely public address system or massive jumbotrons...

So I would suggest something very simple.


Before You Run

This awareness campaign should be as simple and direct as possible.  Much like "Stop, drop and roll" or "Just Say No."

3,4 (government response following a dominipede)


This documentary is admittedly very U.S.-centric.  I needed to give it a regional context and bring my own life experiences into the equation.  But yes, I am cognizant of the notion that an AGS or dominipede could very well occur outside the U.S.  Similar events (text induced panics) have already transpired in many nations.  This isn't a new phenomenon by any means which makes it all the more frustrating.

Post-dominipede, I would predict an enormous upheaval within the U.S. govt., basically because you cannot use the excuse of bureaucracy as a shield.  Nor is it wise to plead complete ignorance.  The existence of this documentary and the manner in which it was submitted should be sufficient in exposing an unacceptable level of incompetence.  It is intentionally designed to expose the deniability of the "how could we have known" argument across the board.  If you think about it, there are some eerie overtones very similar to the Bin Laden "determined to strike in America" memo. 

An accidental side-benefit to the creation a documentary, assuming it's accurate, is that it will likely expose some of our leaders as self-serving cowards.  If you're aware of the existence of this documentary and are afraid or unwilling to admit it, that's bad.  But even worse, if you did view it and purposely deny ever having watched it, that really speaks volumes.  Because it directly infers that you're more concerned with political survival and your own selfish interests, rather than the safety of your constituents and welfare of the American people.  The American public deserves bold and brave leaders, not just those who can buy the office seeking self-aggrandizement and accumulation of power for its own sake.

If the dominipede happens in the near future, I would predict immediate resignations or firings of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the Chairman of the FCC and possibly the Director of the FBI.  Presidential impeachment proceedings based on the blatant level of inaction would likely be part of the mix as the politics of division would quickly emerge front and center.  Don't forget Rahm Emmanuel's motto "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."  This would become the rallying cry of the minority party.  Kind of ironic (if it happens during an Obama administration) that it would potentially come full circle based upon the words of the mayor of Chicago.

I'll even go one step further with the predictions.  Obviously, lawsuits would likely be lobbied against the govt. and I think such a class-action case would be fast tracked straight to the Supreme Court.  My hunch is that the court would dismiss such a class-action suit.   They would rule that an AGS or dominipede was an event too hypothetical in nature.  You cannot hold the federal govt. accountable for every foreseeable tragedy that MIGHT happen.  And too place that high a burden of safety upon the federal govt. is an unreasonable expectation.  Just thought I'd throw that in there because it would take a long time to resolve this mess.  

And I'm well aware of the notion that someone might use the mere existence of this documentary as a political weapon to undermine the current administration, largely due to the lose-lose proposition.  When exposed to this information, from a political standpoint, there's very little upside.  You're either accused of unnecessary fear-mongering, an elitist stance (the general population is too stupid to know the difference between a real bomb threat and a hoax - the president must think the general population is really stupid) or just blatant incompetence.  Either way, if  you acknowledge the AGS and it unfolds on your watch... you own it.  Your administration takes the blame.

This was only intended to be viewed by members of Congress.  But I'm not naive.  I imagine it could be used to further the agenda of the party not currently in power.  If it's used to establish temporary leverage, I can live with that.  Judging from history, the pendulum will probably swing back.  This is not about partisan politics.  This is about saving lives and preventing a worst case scenario catastrophe.

In the event of the dominipede, you'll likely hear 1 of 3 govt. narratives. 

Plan A. - (likely) That a plan to combat the AGS was in the formative stages of being developed.  My participation in the matter created problems and hindered the eventual implementation and/or solution.  To discuss these matters openly would be a violation of existing cybersecurity laws designed to protect the general public.  Basically, it's the age-old defense - we can't show you "our hand" let alone "our cards."  It's simply a matter of national security. 


Plan B. - The govt. had a "secret plan" in place to mitigate the dominipede, but my actions directly compromised it.  I doubt the U.S. govt. would explore this avenue in the aftermath of a dominipede because not only would it reek of desperation, the media would be morally compelled to closely examine and try to discredit it.  Public distrust of the federal govt. would likely be at a "fever pitch" in the aftermath of a dominipede.  To take an absolutist approach to such a complex, overreaching problem wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.


Plan C. - The govt. is NOT negligent because nobody could have ever fathomed of such an "X" event.  However, with it being public knowledge that the entire US Congress was sent this DVD, that might be a really tough sell.

I'm also aware that a dominipede would force the federal govt to resolve other key issues:

* States vs. Federal rights when it comes to large scale, heavily populated events.  Does the federal govt have the direct authority to evacuate an area and supersede the judgement of an incident commander on the ground?  Specifically, who has the authority to make these decisions.

* What exactly constitutes a credible threat.  Under what circumstances does the federal govt have the authority to directly contact its citizens through cellular devices.  How fast can they do it, to how many people, in how big an area.

* Is there a line in the sand between dangerous free speech and dangerous hypothetical free speech?  Are there certain national security issues that can never be openly discussed?

3,3 - (What if I'm wrong)

Another good question to ask... What if I'm wrong about all of this?  Well...

You'd have to convince me that the concept of an artificially generated stampede has NEVER been raised in govt.  We know this to be false because I have tangible evidence.  The correct answer - of course it has been raised.  But nobody can act to solve the problem because that would require acknowledging the existence OF the problem.  And if you acknowledge it, you own it.  If it happens on your watch, it's your fault.  It's all part of the catch 22. 

What if the U.S. govt has a plan in place to counteract the viral blitzkrieg and the dominipede?  Well... you'd have to convince me that they conduct real-time, universal monitoring of every text message, every phone call, every form of communication.  And you'd have to convince me that this secret counter-program extends to every ballpark, every megachurch, every county fair, every arena for every event.  Anywhere and anytime a large crowd congregates.   And there are trained communications experts everywhere that have the magical ability to calm large crowds OR have the autonomy to instantly shut down the entire internet and telecommunications industry.  With one giant kill switch.  If such a program exists... or is currently being implemented... or is even under remote consideration, than we are truly a doomed nation.

Do I fear reprisal?  Good question.  In an ideal world, if I could convey that I am not driven by financial motivation, that should be enough.  But if you piss off the U.S. govt or try to demonstrate a degree of superempowerment as is the case with most whistleblowers, I think it's a safe assumption that you will encounter some blowback.  Being the most visible person to have made an issue of this, I'd expect to be attacked and discredited.  All the usual routes I've previously touched on. Whenever you suggest a bold course of action, that's to be expected.  By raising the issue, it could endanger the authority and control of the current administration.  Especially if you're proven correct and the most powerful force on the planet, the U.S. government, is viewed as culpable and negligent.  It's yet another facet of the unusual catch-22.  I've always had this weird premonition that if I came to be viewed as the most despised person on the planet, I could probably handle it a little better than most.  I can handle all the accusations and vitriol, just don't lecture me on not knowing how humanity works.  Don't call me naive.  Don't label me a fool.  Other than death or imprisonment, that's the only way you really could hurt me.